InnoFields, a world of possibilities


This is InnoFields. A vision for a site at which Royal Eijkelkamp, partners, and customers can carry out and demonstrate research activities relating to soil, water, plants, climate, and agriculture, as well as organise training activities.

What makes InnoFields so special

  • InnoFields will be located in Giesbeek, nearby Royal Eijkelkamp headquarters, in a large valley area between the Hoge Veluwe National Park/Veluwezoom National Park and the Montferland woodland. This is a fantastic location for soil and water research, information gathering, measuring, monitoring, and visualisation.
  • The same applies to the fact that almost all freshwater in the Netherlands enters via the Liemers area.
  • InnoFields is well in line with the growing trend of Vocational Education and Training institutions, Higher Professional Education institutions, and even traditional universities offering hybrid learning (practice combined with theory).
  • InnoFields should become a set destination on the itinerary of parties from all over the world that deal with soil, water, plants, climate, and agriculture. Delegations coming to the Netherlands must be fully reassured that the journey to the far eastern corner of our country is definitely worth the effort.
  • InnoFields must become 100% energy-neutral. Innovations that we showcase could even become tourist attractions, which would of course include Royal Eijkelkamp's smart measuring and monitoring solutions.

The graphic above gives an initial impression of what InnoFields could look like. To further develop the InnoFields concept, we are looking for an participants and an experienced Project Manager. So if you're interested, please let us know by calling +31 313 880200 or sending an .