Nowadays most people live in cities. Urbanisation often negatively influences water management or land use. One of the effects is flooding because many of the surfaces in towns and cities have become impermeable. Urban green spaces are very significant elements of any urban ecosystem, both due to its ecosystem dynamics and its essential contribution in well being of the human race.


  • Sonic drilling at Chinese urbanisation project

    Client - Shandong Provincial Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources
    Country - China

    A SmallRotoSonic ML (SRS ML) drilling rig shows up in a Chinese news broadcast about a big urbanisation related project in Jinan area, China. 


    • The high quality samples were send to the lab for geo-mechanical parameters and soil physical parameters.
    • They need this information to identify the soil stability for foundation and future underground traffic development.
    • Future research jobs in this area within 500 meters are: groundwater resources survey, supply emergency water supply. Within 2.000 meters, geothermal energy and shallow temperature survey, for the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction

    Services provided

    • They used a Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill SmallRotoSonic ML drilling rig with 3x5 sampling system for highly intensive drilling and sampling at 100 meters depth.
    • Sonic drilling will increase production as well as the best quality of soil samples.

    Sub theme: Urbanisation

  • LoRa sensors used in soil moisture monitoring network in The Hague

    Client - BAM (the Netherlands)

    Background to installing the monitoring network

    • The Lange Vijverberg street in The Hague consists of a tram rail route surrounded by many old linden trees.
    • A redesign brought about changes in the habitat of the linden trees. The municipality of The Hague, therefore, wanted to gain insight into the change in soil moisture. 
    • This had to occur in an easy, wireless and economical manner. That’s why Eijkelkamp Soil & Water opted to set up a LoRa monitoring network of soil moisture sensors for this project.
    • Both the operator and the client can observe the change in soil moisture on this platform, and adjust the irrigation plan as needed.

    What is LoRa?

    LoRa is a new way of communicating, where small amounts of data are sent via the LoRa network to a website page.

    Services provided

    Gateway, LoRa transmitters with 20 sensors, and an online platform for visualizing the data and operating the sensors.

    Sub theme: Water management

  • Unique Chinese wetland park monitors water 24/7

    Project - Pilot conjunctive water supply system for Deyang, China
    Project partners
    - Deyang Department of housing, urban & rural planning and construction | Deyang Department of water affairs | Deyang water supply company | Chengdu University of technology | World WaternetUnesco-IHE Institute for water educationMetaMetaEijkelkamp Soil & Water


    • The Deyang area in southwest China was struck hard by an earthquake in 2008
    • Since then, reconstruction has taken place with a tremendous speed and the urban population grew exponentially
    • Due to this urbanisation, the city’s water supply system can not meet its rapidly growing water demand

    Pilot project

    • A pilot artificial recharge water supply system was developed
    • This system benefits from the technology as introduced in the Amsterdam dune system that forms the main source of drinking water for the city
    • The water supply system increases groundwater storage, maintains constant water supply and improves water quality

    Services provided

    • The whole water system, from intake to effluent, is constantly monitored by a series of automated instruments
    • All equipment has been delivered and installed by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

    Project video on Youtube

    Watch a video (with English subtitles) about the Deyang water project on Youtube.

    Sub theme: Urbanisation | Water Management

  • Groot Salland Water Board goes digital

    Client - Groot Salland Water Board (The Netherlands)


    • In the past, groundwater levels were measured and recorded manually each month on the 14th and 28th.
    • 'Where we previously needed 15 people to manage the measuring system, we now only need 2.'
    • 'Digital measurements provide more and improved data and this is needed for good water level control'

    Services provided

    Read more

    Sub theme: Ground water level | Groundwater Management

  • Insight into Municipality of Zutphen’s groundwater situation

    Client - Municipality of Zutphen (the Netherlands)


    • Sound knowledge of groundwater levels, flows and fluctuations within the urban area is required for the Municipality to fulfil its duty of care regarding groundwater
    • The measuring system will also be used to provide citizens or developers with information regarding groundwater levels
    • The Municipality previously obtained this information from the environment department’s groundwater research during soil decontamination or from the Provinceof Gelderland, but these were all snapshots
    • TheMunicipality ofZutphen also wanted more insight into how the water levels from theIJssel river influence groundwater levels

    Services provided

    • Eijkelkamp Soil & Water installed a total 44 Diver water level loggers together with telemetry
    • Groundwater data are combined automatically in the existing regional control station
    • Eijkelkamp Soil & Water will manage the network for 10 years and also carry out maintenance

    Sub theme: Groundwater Management | Water Management | Ground Water Level

  • Groundwater data essential to The Hague’s infrastructural project

    Project - De Rotterdamsebaan
    Project partners - Municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg | Municipality of Rijswijk | Metropolitan district Haaglanden | Rijkswaterstaat | Ministry for Infrastructure and the Environment

    Background and objective

    • The roads round The Hague are congested by an increasing number of residents and visitors
    • More and more businesses are coming to The Hague
    • The Rotterdamsebaan project is going to improve accesibility to The Hague
    • Before a tunnel is drilled the Municipality wants to first monitor groundwater levels for a year

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Groundwater Management | Water Management | Groundwater Level

  • Groundwater data during dewatering and stress handling

    Client - Van Kessel Bronbemaling (The Netherlands)
    Period - 2014-2015


    • Widening the A9 Gaasperdammerweg into 2 x 5 lanes and digging a 3 kilometre tunnel will reduce air and noise pollution in Amsterdam Southeast.
    • Van Kessel Bronbemaling handles dewatering and stress drainage while activities like moving cables and pipes for water, gas, electricity and telephony are carried out
    • A monitoring plan was drawn up and a complete measuring network was set up with sensors, modems and online environment to provide the principal with real-time groundwater data.

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Civil engineering | Water management | Groundwater level

  • Dutch municipality takes up groundwater challenge

    Client - Municipality of Heusden (The Netherlands)


    • The Dutch Municipal Water Act requires municipalities to eliminate or minimize problems related to elevated groundwater levels, such as flooding, property damage and unhealthy living conditions


    • Reduce municipal groundwater monitoring costs, improve data quality and achieve greater insight into groundwater resources

    Services provided


    • Lowered operational costs by 97%, acquired nearly 60 times more data points, improved data quality and gained a better understanding of groundwater conditions.

    Sub theme: Groundwater level | Groundwater management

  • German army sought way to reach deeper

    Client - German Federal Defence Force (Germany)
    Period - 2012

    Description / Background

    • The German Army sought a cost-effective and time saving way to drill in difficult geology and reach greater depths

    Products provided

  • Soil sealing (the Netherlands)

    Client - B&P Soil injection
    Period - 2012 - 2014

    Description / Background

    • To enable B&P’s soil sealing process 4000 injection wells needed to be installed

    Products provided

    Sub theme: Soil stabilisation

  • Monitoring supply of sanitary facilities during the hajj

    Event - Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca (Saudi Arabia)

    Description / Background

    • More than three million pilgrims from around the world come to the traditional hajj in Mecca every year
    • Damaged sanitary installations have to be detected quickly. Therefore the supply of public sanitary facilities around the hajj have to be monitored

    Services provided

    • NIVUS flow meters

    Sub theme: Sewage monitoring

  • Sewer optimization by underground research

    Clients Local authority of Bergen and Tauw Consultancy (the Netherlands)

    Description / Background

    • The local authority of Bergen wants to limit the management costs of the sewer system and therefore gain more insight into the manner in which sediment builds up in a sewer
    • A 3-metre deep pit from where a camera focused on a 1.5-metre long transparent acrylic sewer pipe was installed underground

    Services provided

    • The portable NIVUS flow rate meter PCM4 with Cross Correlation technology

    Sub theme: Waste water

    Downloads Sewer optimization by underground research - The Netherlands.pdf

  • Water monitoring for urban green

    Client - Municipality of Eindhoven (the Netherlands)

    Description / Background

    • The Catharinaplein in Eindhoven has been renovated recently and several trees have been planted
    • These trees are dying because of a excess of (ground)water

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Landscaping, Recreation & Leisure

  • In-situ water infiltration research

    Client - BOOT Engineers (the Netherlands)

    Description / Background

    • Client of BOOT wanted advice about underground water infiltration for restructuring living environment
    • Soil elements and groundwater level varies
    • BOOT used to get important information about water permeability via laboratories

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Ground water level

  • Asian Facility Project

    Partners - Xi’an Centre of Geological Survey, China University of Geosciences, Hohai University, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education and Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment. (China & the Netherlands)

    Description / Background

    • A balanced water and ecosystem is of great importance, water cycle professionals are necessary to ensure this
    • Aim is to develop teaching modules for hydrological / ecological research that can used at universities in China

    Services provided

    • During the project Eijkelkamp Soil & Water supplied the required know-how and equipment for monitoring groundwater, surface water, soil water and water quality.

    Sub theme: Drought

    Downloads Asian Facility Project - China.pdf

  • Penetrologger CBR for German Army

    Client - German Federal Defence Force
    Period - 2009 –2012


    • The German army required a Penetrologger for finding suitable locations that can serve as landing strips. For landing strips it is essential to determine the loadbearing capacity of the ground.

    End result

    • A lighter and more compact Penetrologger, the Penetrologger CBR

    Sub theme: Soil stabilisation

    Downloads Developing Penetrologger CBR - Germany & The Netherlands.pdf

  • More insight into Dutch polder levels

    Client - Rijnland District Water Control Board (the Netherlands)
    Period - January 2009


    • The most important aim of the project was to provide more insight into the polder levels, which is of particular importance for short, heavy, often very local rainfall
    • Rijnland wanted to monitor and manage water levels from a distance and over a longer period of time

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Groundwater Management

    Downloads Dutch Polder Levels - The Netherlands.pdf

  • Special regional groundwater monitoring network

    Client - Platform Water Vallei en Eem (The Netherlands)
    Period - January 2012 - 2022


    • Since 2007, the ‘Municipal Water Management Act’ is in force, which introduces a duty of care for the groundwater. This entails that municipalities are responsible for the prevention of structural groundwater problems.

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Groundwater Management

    Downloads Special groundwater monitoring network - The Netherlands.pdf

  • Groundwater monitoring at unique tunnel project

    Client - Henk van Tongeren Bronbemaling BV (the Netherlands)
    Period - 2011 – 2016

    Description / Background

    • At the, in Europe, unique Avenue 2 double-deck tunnel project in Maastricht, the Netherlands, Henk van Tongeren ensures that the kilometres-long construction pit will not fill with water.

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Civil engineering

    Downloads Groundwater monitoring at unique tunnel project - The Netherlands.pdf

  • Groundwater monitoring network for Dutch authorities

    Client - WINNET (local authorities and a Higher Water Board (the Netherlands)
    Period - January 2012


    • Nowadays, Dutch local authorities have a duty of care with respect to urban groundwater and Higher Water Boards are responsible for establishing a Desired Groundwater and Surface Water Regime.

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Groundwater Management

    Downloads Groundwater monitoring network for local authorities - The Netherlands.pdf

  • Digital groundwater measuring network Doetinchem council

    Client - Doetinchem council (the Netherlands)
    Period - January 2012


    • The ‘Municipal Water Management Act’ entails that municipalities are responsible for the prevention of structural groundwater problems.
    • Doetinchem council wanted to digitally manage the existing groundwater measuring network.

    Services provided

    • 47 measurement points were set up and equipped with monitoring well modems. Now the manager receives data every day and thereby easily manages the network.

    Doetinchem council about Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

    “The project has run successfully right up to the present.”

    Sub theme: Ground water level

    Downloads Digital groundwater measuring network Doetinchem Council - The Netherlands.pdf