Land Development

Sustainable development influences today's urban planners. Some planners argue that our modern lifestyle uses too many natural resources, pollutes ecosystems, creates urban heat islands and causes climate change. How can we monitor our activities? In what way can we provide housing for the growing population without polluting water and soil? Monitoring the impact of our activities is therefore of utmost importance.


  • Groundwater data essential for safety Dutch flood protection works

    Clients - Vallei and Veluwe Water Board
    Country - The Netherlands

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    • The Grebbedijk is a levee located between the municipalities of Wageningen and Rhenen in the Netherlands
    • This levee protects 250,000 residents in the Gelderse Valley adjacent to the waters of the Lower Rhine
    • In 2023 the more-than-5-kilometre-long levee will be reinforced as part of the Flood Protection Programme
    • The Water Board is extensively monitoring the levee to collect as much groundwater data as possible for this purpose
    • Reindert Stellingwerff of the Vallei and Veluwe Water Board: ‘We want to prepare an optimal design for the Grebbedijk. This requires data.'

    Services provided

    • 'The new measuring system Eijkelkamp Soil & Water installed, will provide us with much more data.'
    • 'The data is transmitted to the Dike Data Service Centre, a platform for storing dynamic measurement data within and around dikes.'

    Sub theme: Flooding | Dike monitoring

  • A Dutch first in the polder - Water Board Zuiderzeeland measures flow rates to achieve sustainability

    ClientWater Board Zuiderzeeland
    Country - The Netherlands

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    • The Dutch province of Flevoland lies metres below sea-level
    • Of all the energy the water board uses, 65% goes towards Flevoland’s drainage
    • If they could save on this, that would have a positive effect on the Water Board’s CO2 emissions
    • To monitor the pumping process properly, the water board approached Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

    Services provided

    • Together with the water board a measuring system was developed based on the transit time method and equipment from NIVUS
    • With this measuring system the water board monitors the flow rate of one of the three pumps installed in the pumping station
    • 'The results of the measuring system are truly spectacular’

    Sub theme: Water management | CO2 reduction

  • Indian pilot project for groundwater purification

    Country - India
    Pilot project partner - Witteveen+Bos

    Background pilot project

    • The company aims to achieve zero discharge in its water and wastewater chain
    • Eventually, the aim is to upscale the project to the entire industrial site

    Services provided

    • Installing Eijkelkamp Soil & Water's 2-inch quality filter, using Eijkelkamp Soil & Water’s augering equipment

    Sub theme: Remediation

  • Monitoring soil moisture stadium FS Basel

    Client - FC Basel (Switzerland)


    • St. Jakob-Park stadium was opened in 2001. It received the UEFA 4-star award and cost about CHF 250 million. It is the largest stadium in Switzerland.
    • Varying degrees of shading over the pitch area has, over the years, given rise to recurrent irrigation problems.

    Services provided

    • To obtain a better overview of soil moisture and to maintain its gradient differences, PlantCare was contracted to install a monitoring system that measures soil moisture and temperature at given depths at the centre spot and the four corners

    Sub theme: Landscaping, Recreation & Leisure, Irrigation/Drainage

  • Water monitoring for urban green

    Client - Municipality of Eindhoven (the Netherlands)

    Description / Background

    • The Catharinaplein in Eindhoven has been renovated recently and several trees have been planted
    • These trees are dying because of a excess of (ground)water

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Landscaping, Recreation & Leisure