Food Security

Many people seem to think all of our food seems to come straight from of the local supermarket but we still are fed by Mother Earth everyday. Population growth forces agriculture to keep up with the increasing demand for food. In 2050, over 9 milliard people have to be fed. How are we going to produce 70% more food with less agricultural land available?


  • From 6 Belgian knights to groundwater monitoring

    Client - Affligem Brewery
    Country - Belgium

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    • Law requires Affligem Brewery to perform one water level measurement of our water wells per day.
    • This was done manually and required a large investment in time.
    • Affligem Brewery first purchased one diver to log the water level of one well at the time.
    • Affligem Brewery saw the immediate advantage and outfitted all active wells with divers and modems.
    • Now Affligem Brewery only have to log on to the Eijkelkamp web portal and export the report to meet the legal obligation of monitoring their water wells.
    • In addition Affligem Brewery also gained a lot more insight into their processes,

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Groundwater management | Aquifer recharge

  • Hydrological effects of revegetation on hillsides

    Country - South Africa
    Carried out by - 
    Marjan Sommeijer

    Background research

    • The Baviaanskloof is an extremely arid and heavily degraded area as the result of farming. 
    • This means it is hard for the soil to retain the little rainwater that falls, causing serious erosion. 
    • To counter this, it was decided to (re)plant spekboom trees. This tree originates from the region, and does not need much water. 
    • The idea is that because of the spekboom trees, the soil, and most importantly the groundwater, will be better retained and for longer.

    Services provided

    • To measure the effect, Marjan used the Eijkelkamp Soil & Water rainfall simulator
    • “The rainfall simulator is a really great tool that makes it relatively easy to show the effect of vegetation on interception and infiltration.”

    Results of the research

    The research showed that (re)planting spekboom trees does indeed have a substantial effect on water retention.

    Sub theme: Drought, Soil improvement, Water erosion

  • Monitoring soil moisture stadium FS Basel

    Client - FC Basel (Switzerland)


    • St. Jakob-Park stadium was opened in 2001. It received the UEFA 4-star award and cost about CHF 250 million. It is the largest stadium in Switzerland.
    • Varying degrees of shading over the pitch area has, over the years, given rise to recurrent irrigation problems.

    Services provided

    • To obtain a better overview of soil moisture and to maintain its gradient differences, PlantCare was contracted to install a monitoring system that measures soil moisture and temperature at given depths at the centre spot and the four corners

    Sub theme: Landscaping, Recreation & Leisure, Irrigation/Drainage

  • RichWaterWorld Project

    Project - RichWaterWorld (The Netherlands)
    Period - 2013 - now
    Partners - Radboud University | Alterra | Alliander | B-ware | Meteo Group | Park Lingezegen


    • Climate changes result in global water management problems of the higher delta’s through flooding, drought and all additional damage and consequences

    The project

    • A climate adaptive system like RichWaterWorld enables better management to control extremes by monitoring and control of water buffers
    • Royal Eijkelkamp is involved:
      - Design of the information supply
      - Development and installation of monitoring equipment

    More information

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    Sub theme: Drought | Flooding | Water Quality

  • Water management on Cyprus

    Client Geological Survey Department (Cyprus)


    • Cyprus is battling the subterranean penetration of salt water and long periods of drought, which cause water shortages.
    • The Geological Survey Department has been charged with the performance of hydro-geological research into new groundwater bodies.

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Drought

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