Land degradation

When you are working with soils, you have to face many challenges. How can we prevent dessication which makes it hard to grow food and other useful plants? How to prevent drought and salination to cause significant damage and harm to local economy and other human crises? How can we prevent this continuous decline of soil fertility, productivity and cultural and recreational values which has many negative effects, especially for vulnerable ecosystems?


  • Complete Water Balance for Rijnland Water Authority

    Client - Rijnland Water Authority

    Country - The Netherlands


    • Water level management is under pressure due to climate change and climate change is a very high priority for the Rijnland Water Authority
    • Rijnland Water Authority uses an automated decision support system for water level management operations with a wide range of measurement information, including water levels and precipitation
    • The only key item into which Rijnland Water Authority does not have good insight is water evapotranspiration
    • Rijnland Water Authority contacted Eijkelkamp Soil & Water because they wanted to acquire a practical lysimeter station

    Services provided

    • Together with Eijkelkamp Soil & Water, Rijnland Water Authority ultimately installed a lysimeter on sandy soil, on clay soil and on peat soil
    • In May 2017, the Rijnland Water Authority started using the equipment that helps provide better insight into the impact of climate change on water management
    • With these three sites they are covering off the main soil types and together with a meteorological station, and soil moisture and groundwater measurements they now have a unique combination of measuring stations
    • As such, the Rijnland Water Authority has taken a leading role in water management in the Netherlands

    Sub theme: Evapotranspiration | Climate change

  • Hydrological effects of revegetation on hillsides

    Country - South Africa
    Carried out by - 
    Marjan Sommeijer

    Background research

    • The Baviaanskloof is an extremely arid and heavily degraded area as the result of farming. 
    • This means it is hard for the soil to retain the little rainwater that falls, causing serious erosion. 
    • To counter this, it was decided to (re)plant spekboom trees. This tree originates from the region, and does not need much water. 
    • The idea is that because of the spekboom trees, the soil, and most importantly the groundwater, will be better retained and for longer.

    Services provided

    • To measure the effect, Marjan used the Eijkelkamp Soil & Water rainfall simulator
    • “The rainfall simulator is a really great tool that makes it relatively easy to show the effect of vegetation on interception and infiltration.”

    Results of the research

    The research showed that (re)planting spekboom trees does indeed have a substantial effect on water retention.

    Sub theme: Drought, Soil improvement, Water erosion

  • Insight into Municipality of Zutphen’s groundwater situation

    Client - Municipality of Zutphen (the Netherlands)


    • Sound knowledge of groundwater levels, flows and fluctuations within the urban area is required for the Municipality to fulfil its duty of care regarding groundwater
    • The measuring system will also be used to provide citizens or developers with information regarding groundwater levels
    • The Municipality previously obtained this information from the environment department’s groundwater research during soil decontamination or from the Provinceof Gelderland, but these were all snapshots
    • TheMunicipality ofZutphen also wanted more insight into how the water levels from theIJssel river influence groundwater levels

    Services provided

    • Eijkelkamp Soil & Water installed a total 44 Diver water level loggers together with telemetry
    • Groundwater data are combined automatically in the existing regional control station
    • Eijkelkamp Soil & Water will manage the network for 10 years and also carry out maintenance

    Sub theme: Groundwater Management | Water Management | Ground Water Level

  • Groot Salland Water Board goes digital

    Client - Groot Salland Water Board (The Netherlands)


    • In the past, groundwater levels were measured and recorded manually each month on the 14th and 28th.
    • 'Where we previously needed 15 people to manage the measuring system, we now only need 2.'
    • 'Digital measurements provide more and improved data and this is needed for good water level control'

    Services provided

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    Sub theme: Ground water level | Groundwater Management

  • Groundwater data essential to The Hague’s infrastructural project

    Project - De Rotterdamsebaan
    Project partners - Municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg | Municipality of Rijswijk | Metropolitan district Haaglanden | Rijkswaterstaat | Ministry for Infrastructure and the Environment

    Background and objective

    • The roads round The Hague are congested by an increasing number of residents and visitors
    • More and more businesses are coming to The Hague
    • The Rotterdamsebaan project is going to improve accesibility to The Hague
    • Before a tunnel is drilled the Municipality wants to first monitor groundwater levels for a year

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Groundwater Management | Water Management | Groundwater Level

  • Dutch municipality takes up groundwater challenge

    Client - Municipality of Heusden (The Netherlands)


    • The Dutch Municipal Water Act requires municipalities to eliminate or minimize problems related to elevated groundwater levels, such as flooding, property damage and unhealthy living conditions


    • Reduce municipal groundwater monitoring costs, improve data quality and achieve greater insight into groundwater resources

    Services provided


    • Lowered operational costs by 97%, acquired nearly 60 times more data points, improved data quality and gained a better understanding of groundwater conditions.

    Sub theme: Groundwater level | Groundwater management

  • RichWaterWorld Project

    Project - RichWaterWorld (The Netherlands)
    Period - 2013 - now
    Partners - Radboud University | Alterra | Alliander | B-ware | Meteo Group | Park Lingezegen


    • Climate changes result in global water management problems of the higher delta’s through flooding, drought and all additional damage and consequences

    The project

    • A climate adaptive system like RichWaterWorld enables better management to control extremes by monitoring and control of water buffers
    • Royal Eijkelkamp is involved:
      - Design of the information supply
      - Development and installation of monitoring equipment

    More information

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    Sub theme: Drought | Flooding | Water Quality

  • Effects of forest fires on soils and hydrology

    Client - Cathelijne Stoof, PhD student Wageningen University (the Netherlands)
    Period - 2010


    • Climate change can lead to less rainfall. As a result of the ensuing drought, the risk of forest fires increases
    • Cathelijne Stoof is studying the effect of fire on soils and hydrology

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Drought | Water Erosion

    Downloads Effects of forest fires on soil and hydrology - The Netherlands.pdf

  • Groundwater research in Spanish conservation area

    Client - Acuamed and the Spanish Government (Spain)
    Period - 2011


    • The 204-hectare conservation area near Sebes has seen a strikingly high death rate amongst certain floodplain forest plants 
    • A reduction in the fluctuation of the water levels is thought to be the major cause of this loss of plant life 
    • Flooding also raises the groundwater level so that the soil is insufficiently washed and becomes increasingly saline

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Soil salinisation

    Downloads Groundwater research - Spain.pdf

  • Diver training for water professionals

    Client - Department of Water Affairs (Botswana)
    Period - 2012


    • Botswana is facing a serious shortage of surface water as a result of the dry climate.
    • Groundwater is becoming an ever more important water source. 
    • The ‘Department of Water Affairs’ is involved in water management and started a groundwater project.

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Drought

    Downloads Diver training for water professionals - Botswana.pdf

  • Asian Facility Project

    Partners - Xi’an Centre of Geological Survey, China University of Geosciences, Hohai University, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education and Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment. (China & the Netherlands)

    Description / Background

    • A balanced water and ecosystem is of great importance, water cycle professionals are necessary to ensure this
    • Aim is to develop teaching modules for hydrological / ecological research that can used at universities in China

    Services provided

    • During the project Eijkelkamp Soil & Water supplied the required know-how and equipment for monitoring groundwater, surface water, soil water and water quality.

    Sub theme: Drought

    Downloads Asian Facility Project - China.pdf

  • MARS Project

    Clients - Consortium of Dutch and Romanian parties
    Period - 2012


    • MARS stands for Management of Aquifer Recharge and Storage
    • The MARS project aims to reduce the risks and dangers of drought and flood, and to contribute to a more efficient water management and water delivery method in Romania 

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Drought | Flooding

    Downloads MARS projects - Romania.pdf

  • Monitoring groundwater quality for gas company

    Client - Gasunie (European gas infrastructure company)
    Period - 2013


    • Gasunie frequently performs groundwater research at its locations in order to gain insight into the quality and quantity of the groundwater.
    • The site in Vilsteren (the Netherlands) is surrounded by a natural area. To prevent it from desiccation Gasunie wants to regularly measure the groundwater levels during projects.

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Drought

    Downloads Monitoring groundwater quality for gas company - the Netherlands.pdf

  • Sonic drilling to research earthquakes

    Client - ProDrill (New Zealand)
    Period - 2012 - present

    Description / Background

    • Drilling and sampling in alluvial top layer, cemented gravel, hard clay and fine/heaving sand to determine the impact of the earthquakes in devastated cities

    Products provided                                           

    Sub theme: Earthquake

  • Water management on Cyprus

    Client Geological Survey Department (Cyprus)


    • Cyprus is battling the subterranean penetration of salt water and long periods of drought, which cause water shortages.
    • The Geological Survey Department has been charged with the performance of hydro-geological research into new groundwater bodies.

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Drought

    Downloads Water management on Cyprus - Cyprus.pdf

  • Groundwater monitoring network for Dutch authorities

    Client - WINNET (local authorities and a Higher Water Board (the Netherlands)
    Period - January 2012


    • Nowadays, Dutch local authorities have a duty of care with respect to urban groundwater and Higher Water Boards are responsible for establishing a Desired Groundwater and Surface Water Regime.

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Groundwater Management

    Downloads Groundwater monitoring network for local authorities - The Netherlands.pdf

  • More insight into Dutch polder levels

    Client - Rijnland District Water Control Board (the Netherlands)
    Period - January 2009


    • The most important aim of the project was to provide more insight into the polder levels, which is of particular importance for short, heavy, often very local rainfall
    • Rijnland wanted to monitor and manage water levels from a distance and over a longer period of time

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Groundwater Management

    Downloads Dutch Polder Levels - The Netherlands.pdf

  • Special regional groundwater monitoring network

    Client - Platform Water Vallei en Eem (The Netherlands)
    Period - January 2012 - 2022


    • Since 2007, the ‘Municipal Water Management Act’ is in force, which introduces a duty of care for the groundwater. This entails that municipalities are responsible for the prevention of structural groundwater problems.

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Groundwater Management

    Downloads Special groundwater monitoring network - The Netherlands.pdf

  • Groundwater monitoring network for stone pit

    Client - Les Carrières du fond des Vaulx (Belgium)
    Period - 2012 - now

    Description / Background

    • The stone pit is surrounded by natural areas. Therefore the stone pit has to satisfy strict environmental legislation

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Groundwater Management

  • Groundwater monitoring network for power plant

    Client - Electrabel Tihange (Belgium)

    Description / Background

    • In 2012, the power plant had to deal with a lowering of the phreatic groundwater level
    • An excessive reduction of groundwater may have enormous implications for the development of nature in the area
    • The power plant has to meet ISO14000 and ISO14001 standards

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Groundwater Management